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Meet Barbara Gail

Sonny Liston speaks to Barbara Gail

Hi, I am Barbara Gail, and beside me is my cherished friend, Jacki. I began life in Chicago and loved the beaches, art museums, restaurants, and a variety of foods and entertainment. Changes occurred, and I then spent years in Northern California, in awe of the majestic redwoods, ocean, and just about everything California offered. Most importantly, it was a turning point for my hidden spiritual gifts to be announced to the world. I was ecstatic meeting people who meditated with the enthusiasm I had. I was free to express myself more fully, and that was exhilarating.

Permit me to fast-forward and acquaint you with a fraction of my knowledge and proficiency as a Spiritual Communicator for the Light, Mystic, Medium, Channeler, and healer. At the bottom of the page, you will find the definitions for the terms.

Our personal knowledge influences the way we remember someone or by the narratives we have heard about their life. Regarding the Afterlife of Charles "Sonny" Liston (c. 1930–December 30, 1970), I have mastered communicating with the departed, thus allowing me to speak confidently on this matter. According to my mother, the manifestation of my abilities appeared at the young age of three. What began as a natural talent later became my vocation to help grieving loved ones to hear from their departed relatives, friends, and even pets. Locating a missing person or pet was always emotional, just like receiving messages from someone in a coma to convey their last wishes to the family.

Having already established myself as a proficient Spiritual Medium, I received a message from Sonny four decades after his tragic demise. His approach was not unlike others from the Realms of Light who had sought my attention. However, Sonny and I had an agreement in a previous life that I would assist him in documenting his narrative and ensuring a significantly more remarkable legacy than the one he had during his time on Earth. Sonny's choice of companions contributed to his ill-fated, what I consider, murder. Sonny was misunderstood and hated, as well as feared for his extraordinary physical strength and skills in the boxing ring. As a former World Heavyweight Champion, even though many despised him, they were in awe of his physical attributes and successes.

My knowledge of Sonny was nonexistent when he gently placed his huge hand of light on mine and revealed his identity. My innocence was to my advantage, as I possessed no preconceived notions in favor of or against him. For a duration of approximately two years, the Sonny I got to know conversed with me at great length, often for hours on end. His words brought both laughter and tears, as I vividly depicted his life's struggles, and without a doubt, I felt his affection towards me.


If you desire irrefutable evidence that death is not the end of you, we provide this. Sonny's account, along with the validations from his biographer, Paul Gallender, will reassure you that the concept of death is incorrect. If you possess an open-minded perspective and will acknowledge the truth, even if it may unsettle you, my nonfiction book on Amazon, THE IMMENSE RELEASE by Barbara Gail, will prove advantageous to you. Our intention is to introduce you to the true nature of the man that remained elusive to nearly everyone, and give empirical proof that physical death is not the end of consciousness.

My definition of terms to describe my spiritual talents and skills.


Spiritual Communicator for the Light: Some gifted people claim to read the Akashic Records, which is a compilation of all things, thoughts, and events recorded in the Universal Consciousness. Others say they can tell your past, present, and future with tarot cards, astrology, your aura, maybe even tea leaves. Still others receive information for you from one specific guide or group from the Light.


When I state I am a Spiritual Communicator for the Light, I am tuning in to the one Source, the Light, that establishes creation, love, and all things I know to be life-supporting. I have always been unlimited in receiving from representatives from the Realms of Light. Recently, when conversing with someone, I felt myself pulled away from my physical into the Light. I am exquisitely familiar with energy and knew this to be the consciousness of God. After receiving the messages, he told me he found them "eye-opening." And so, in summation, I receive everything, messages and healing miracles, from the Light of God. I know God to be, because in 1999, I was in God's presence consciously. I make no secret of the fact that I am not religious, but I am deeply, spiritually connected with God and those who have come to me and appeared, such as Jesus Christ, Padre Pio, Mother Cabrini, Buddha, and so many others.


Mystic: A Mystic is born with spiritual abilities. Although born of a Jewish family, I met Christ in childhood. He never mentioned religion, only love and unity.  From  what I have seen, Love is the Universal Religion, if you want to define a religious belief. I do not use forms of divination, such as astrology or cards.


Medium: A specific way of defining someone who speaks with the departed.


Channeler: As a Conscious Channeler, I listen for information from the Light and give it to you.

When I Trance Channel, I move more deeply into the Light, allowing the one coming from the Light to address you. I have posted a podcast in which a spontaneous trance channeling occurred:

Please note this is absolutely all done under the will of God and in the category I call Miracles. During a talk and sharing energy healing in a congregation, I was told afterwards that my brown eyes had turned emerald green for that time. Jesus had emerald green eyes, and I state that because He was channeling through me that day.


Healer: When I claim the title of healer, I state that all healing comes from God. I am a conduit for the energy to bring your focus into clarity to help you release your blocks and receive opportunities. Repeatedly, we have witnessed miracles during healing sessions. Each time, I am in awe as I witness the restoration of a deceased animal to life, the remission of cancer, and the regaining of mobility by three different paralyzed individuals. Family members witnessed all these sessions. Again, I do not profess to own any gifts, but only to give them as I am directed.


If all this information raises more questions, my other websites have more information:


       Barbara Gail 
                THEIMMENSE RELEASE
     <This link takes you to Amazon


Go to any of my social media accounts for still more insights. It is time, with the world in turmoil, that we need to look for a better way of living, a kinder approach to self-acceptance and understanding of others. Thank you for taking the time to explore more of what is available.

Barbara provides pet communications

My dad's passing was hard because he was a light in my life. But, we continued to "see" one another after his passing. This was what happened on the very night he crossed over into the Light.

"The evening of Joe's passing (Barbara's Dad and my husband), we were on the phone and suddenly Barbara said that Dad was in the room with her. He told me, through Barbara, about remembrances he had of when we were in high school. He accurately described to Barbara the dress I wore and many other beautiful memories. What a gift!"

- Leanore

“Barbara is an extraordinarily gifted healer who communicates with Spiritual Masters and deceased loved ones to bring clarity to your spiritual journey.

Barbara is compassionate, inspirational, and uplifting. She brings Divine Light and Energy to all her interactions, and you will be astounded by her accuracy. If your Soul is searching for healing, the future has you anxious, or you need closure from your past, Barbara offers answers, insights, and the peace you seek.” — Tricia Baxley, Certified Life Transitions Coach.

By Paul Gallender, author of Sonny Liston — The Real Story Behind the Ali-Liston Fights


After seeing Barbara's skills and authenticity in person, it's an honor to write the foreword for The Immense Release. Her ground-breaking book is a genuine gift! Anyone interested in communicating with the unseen realms, deceased loved ones, and spiritual growth will love this.

We first spoke on February 16, 2012. I had finished my biography of former heavyweight champion Charles "Sonny" Liston and submitted it to my publisher three weeks earlier. I pursued the truth for decades about this hugely talented, unpopular, and misunderstood man.

Proudly, I shared my life's work with Barbara, but she had only heard his name, which meant nothing to her. She was polite but unimpressed since she felt boxing was brutal. The only thing Barbara liked about boxing was the song "Eye of the Tiger" from the movie Rocky.

However, fate brought Barbara and me together to accomplish very specific work. On March 10th, four days after we met in person, we learned what that project was. We were conversing when Sonny placed his hand (of Light) on Barbara's hand and (telepathically) introduced himself by name. Immediately, I began transcribing Sonny's words as she told me what he was saying. I quickly realized he deliberately gave her several specific, personal details of his life I could validate. He telepathically told Barbara seven exact details in the first ten minutes. In that brief time, my spiritual beliefs did a one-eighty.

Barbara has written for Sonny because of their prior-life agreement to work together in this lifetime. His reaching out to Barbara was not for setting the record straight about who he was. My role in The Immense Release has been to validate. The accuracy of the seventy-one facts Sonny communicated to Barbara is incredible. Many messages from Sonny to Barbara are so little known that only Sonny or I would know of them all. After over thirty years of researching Sonny, I am the foremost authority on his life and career. I now consider what Barbara has to share is absolute proof that the only part of us that dies is our body.

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